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You can help protect our coast from microplastics.

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Microplastics are tiny, but their potential to damage our coastal environment, wildlife and seafood is huge.

four star.jpgToday, scientists estimate that microplastics make up 85 percent of the human-caused marine debris worldwide, with millions of tons of microplastics released into our waters annually. They come from a huge variety of sources, and contaminate our coastal environmental, wildlife and seafood.

The Coastal Federation is teaming up with university scientists to better understand and document the sources, concentrations and health implications of microplastics in our coastal waters and seafood.

Your gift today will allow us to encourage critical research and organize an informational forum in 2021 to connect scientific experts with policy-makers, and initiate an important dialog toward solutions. With your help, we can arm our policy-makers with the best information available, and advocate for future environmental policies that take science into account.

Congratulations to Flora Shedd of Chapel Hill, who is the winner of our drawing for a washing machine filter that can remove microfibers discharged from each load of laundry. The federation is testing these filters, donated by Wexco Environmental, and will share the results later in 2021.

Please give today to help protect our coast from microplastics.

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