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Adopt an Oyster,
Restore our Coast!

Whether by the bushel or the peck, adopt your oyster today and support a bright future for our coast.

How it works:

  1. Adopt your dozen oysters through this form (or download this form to mail a check).
  2. Tell us how you'd like to receive updates about your new bivalve: text message, email, or no updates.
  3. Enjoy short, quirky updates about your oyster - when your shell is recycled, where your oyster will live, and how your baby oyster is thriving - over the next few months. 
  4. Receive other thank you items at different adoption levels. 
Valentine's Day Adoptions should be made before Feb. 9. Email kellyb@nccoast.org for a printable certificate.

Adoption Level

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Special for Valentine's Day
Personalize an "oyster heart" message for your honoree. We'll use the first name within "Recipient Name" and email the custom image to your billing email. 
For example, Jill adopts an oyster for Jack. Jill types "Jack Brown" in "Recipient Name," donates an extra $10, and receives the emailed photo

Honoree Information

To adopt an oyster in honor of a loved one, complete the section below. To continue to payment, click Next at the bottom of the page.