Books by Peter Meyer
Books by Peter Meyer
Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast, second edition, by Peter Meyer is a field guide with over 150 color photographs and a perfect resource for coastal residents and visitors along the North Carolina/South Carolina, and even the Georgia coast. Scientifically accurate, yet written in language the lay public can understand it is a valuable addition to any seaside explorers kit.  - $15

Blue Crabs: Catch 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em, by Peter Meyer, is an entertaining guide to catching, cooking, picking, and eating crabs. Well-illustrated with extensive information about Callinectes sapidus (the blue crabs), this book features tasty health recipes. - $10
Special Deal Bundle #3 Two Book Set for $20 (Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast AND Blue Crabs Catch ‘em Cook ‘em Eat ‘em)

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